Astral Lovers

Posted in Poetry on January 11, 2012 by derickdw

Somewhere in this world

he’s dreaming of me,

he’s dreaming me into his existence.


I’ll be his from the moment

we meet, and fall into each

others waiting arms.


While he”s dreaming, I’ll be

dreaming of him, and our

dreams will intertwine into

a shared reality.


We’ll be corporeal beings

in a shared time and space,

no longer astral lovers

– waiting, waiting to be

called home.


– Derick W (2012)


Dumb Supper (Flash Fiction)

Posted in Flash on November 1, 2009 by derickdw

Traditionally, today (Nov. 1st) is Samhain (also known as Halloween) but however you celebrate the holiday is fine with me.  I celebrate Samhain on both occasions, just because I love it so much.  Hell, I celebrate Halloween/Samhain year-round – that’s just my style.  I have jack-o-lanters, skulls, ravens, and bats adorning my desk all of the time.  I find them to be “cute” and they’re all elements that lend to my creativity, my love of Halloween, and the world I choose to inhabit.  Call me crazy, call me weird, call me whatever you’d like – I’ve heard it all – but as long as you’re calling me, at least I know someone is thinking of me.

In any case, the title of the piece of flash fiction I’ve been working on is ‘Dumb Supper’, a pagan tradition in which a meal is eaten in silence, and the spirits of the participants ancestors are invited to attend.  Although, my story depicts an actual dumb supper, I’ve taken fictional liberties ( because I can ).  I hope you enjoy this little tale of fright.

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